IVF Second Time Around Success Tips

By admin | August 1, 2011

When your first round of IVF has not succeeded, it is sensible to look around for IVF second time around success tips.  It may well be that the most simplest of changes could help you achieve a healthy pregnancy.

Of course, it is only natural that when you have your first round of IVF, you are not expecting it to fail.  However, it is important to be realistic and accept that even the very best clinics do not have huge success rates and that IVF second time around is more likely to succeed.

Having some sort of contingency plan is very important.  In other words you should discuss the possibility of failure with your partner or, in the case of single moms, a close relative.

Before you start your first cycle, it is a really good idea to ask about packages at the clinic you have chosen.  Some will offer specially priced packages for 3 cycles.  Psychologically, this really takes the pressure off as you are almost expecting to have to undergo more than one round of treatment and it leaves you safe in the knowledge that if the first round is unsuccessful, there are two other attempts already in the pipeline which, overall, increases the chances of a successful outcome.  Women who have done this say that it is one of the best IVF second time around success tips as it provides a focal point, and that it is possible to look forward rather than back.

Of course, after any failed attempt, doctors will usually undertake some form of analysis to see if there is an obvious reason why IVF did not work.  Often, there are no obvious answers but a doctor will be able to see if your procedure was “textbook” from start to finish and if this was the case, with no obvious issues, then there is a good chance of success second time around.  If any problems are identified, the protocol can be adapted appropriately to increase your chances of IVF success second time around.

Before you begin your first treatment, you should have already modified your diet and lifestyle in preparation.  You should continue eating organic foods and avoid caffeine, alcohol and tobacco.  Also, check with your doctor about any prescription or non-prescription medications you are taking and avoid these if practical.  Eat organic full fat dairy foods and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

One important factor to think about is avoiding stress, which is believed to affect your hormones and therefore your fertility. When undergoing IVF second time around, success tips include de-stressing.  Think about what makes you feel relaxed and do it.  It might be a gentle walk, reading a book or even just catching up with friends.

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