How To Make IVF Successful – What To Do Before You Begin

By admin | May 5, 2011

Well before you even start on your first cycle, it is extremely sensible to think about how to make IVF successful.  You are about to take on an enormous commitment in terms of time, emotional energy and, of course, money and it is time well spent if you ensure that you are as prepared as possible as this really can improve your chances of success.

I know that one of the common feelings for lots of couples is helplessness.  They feel that they are being swept along by the medical profession with very little say in what goes on.  Now whilst this is true to a certain extent, in that you do put yourself in the doctors hands for the actual “mechanics” of IVF, then you should not underestimate the difference that a few small changes can mean the difference between a positive pregnancy test and disappointment.

How To Make IVF Successful – Lets look at where to start

To start off, you should read any information given to you by your doctor and, of course, ask lots of questions at the clinic.  Discuss your plans with your doctor and make sure you and your partner (if appropriate) are as open with one another as possible.  These beginning stages are the best time for you to take an honest and somewhat critical look at your bad habits and take whatever steps are necessary for you to give them up and consign them to history.  Smoking is one of the worst things you can do whether you are the  potential mother or father.  This can not only inhibit your fertility, but can be harmful for the developing baby.  Some studies also link parental smoking with cot deaths. If you like to drink alcohol, it is advisable to stop altogether.

Keep an open dialogue with your clinic doctor to discuss any other lifestyle choices which could be hindering your chances.  For example, cycling, certain prescription medicines, taking hot baths, wearing tight underpants (for the man!) or working with certain chemicals can all potentially cause problems.  AS you might imagine, the common sense approach is to stop any harmful practices as soon as possible, or at least within three months of starting your first cycle.  However, if you have just discovered this information and are about to begin, then do it now as it is better late than never.

When considering how to make IVF successful, one area which you must not overlook is your diet.  This can have a very big impact on all areas of your life including your fertility and this applies to both men and women. There are many foods which can improve fertility by helping with egg quality and the health of your reproductive organs but others can actually inhibit fertility.  You should eat the basis of a healthy diet, which you probably already know includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables (particularly dark green, cruciferous varieties), wholegrains, beans, nuts and seeds and lean meats.  You should ensure foods are organic if possible.  Try to avoid foods which have artificial additives and colorings.  Additionally, hydrogenated fats are known to be harmful for fertility.  Keep your reproductive organs well hydrated by drinking a couple of liters of filtered water every day and keep tea, coffee and fizzy drinks down to a minimum.

You can also take other steps if you want to know how to make IVF successful, such as taking moderate, regular exercise, ensuring you keep your stress levels down and make use of alternative therapies, such as acupuncture at the right times, especially around implantation.  Good forms of exercise include walking, yoga and Tai Chi.

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